Database Reference System

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Database Reference System Overview

What is the Database Reference System

The Database Reference System (DRS) is a text searchable reference system that describes selected datasets containing information on the aging population.

What Information Is in the Database Reference System

The DRS describes information about datasets contained in surveys conducted by the Federal Government as well as private institutions:

What You Will Find In a Record

Your search results will be made up of database records. Each record contains "fields" of information. These fields are:

Database Number Identification Number for the dataset, e.g. D0001.
Database Title Dataset title.
Abstract Narrative description of the content and other relevant information.
Keywords Keywords describing the database contents.
Sample Size Number of households, persons, or institutions in the sample.
Data Source Source of the data, e.g. interviews or administrative records.
Survey Design
and Methodology
Narrative description of the design and methodology.
Survey Administration How the data was collected, e.g. telephone survey.
Universe Survey population e.g. persons who were 79 years and older in 1984.
Demographics Unweighted frequencies of sex, race, age, and institutionalization status, e.g. SEX: 5,678 - male, 4,988 - female.
Media Type Electronic file storage, e.g. CD-ROM, tape.
File Format
and Structure
Format and structure of the file, e.g. ASCII.
Variable Records Dataset has variable records? - yes/no.
Number of Cases Number of households, sampled persons, and so forth.
Number of Variables Number of variables on the file.
Period Covered Time frame covered, e.g. LSOA covers 1984-90. Specifically, 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1990 interviews.
Related Databases Citations to longitudinal studies or another survey in the same study.
Dataset has documentation? - yes/no.
Study Sponsor Sponsoring organization, e.g. The National Center for Health Statistics.
Data Collector Organization collecting data, e.g. U.S. Census Bureau.
Cost to Purchase Purchase price.
Who to Order From Organization providing data file.
Order From:
Street address
Street address.
Order From:
City address.
Order From:
State address.
Order From:
Zip code
Zip code.
Order From:
Telephone number.
Order From:
Fax number
Fax number.
Contact Person Person to contact for additional information.
Related Reports Other reports based on the same survey.
Last Creation/Update Date record was created or last updated.

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