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The Center for Communication and Consumer Services

Your Source for Information on Aging
Eldercare Locator - (800) 677-1116 - to find local services for older Americans

About Aging Information Resources

The Center for Communication and Consumer Services maintains aging information resources on programs, policies and services which it uses to respond to public and staff inquiries. CCCS public inquiries and Aging Information Resource Library units are the successor to the National Aging Information Center (1995-2001)

Public Inquiries

Center for Communication and Consumer Services information specialists provide responses to users’ information inquiries by searching the Center’s databases, consulting statistical tables, providing copies of publications and materials (see Publications List) , and making referrals to other sources. Users may access CCCS inquiry service by calling (202) 619-7501, by faxing (202) 401-7620 or by emailing to naic@aoa.gov

Repository of AoA-Funded Research Products

CCCS collects and makes available on-line and in printed form products of Title IV projects, AoA publications, and other user-oriented products including: articles; books and book chapters; reports; statistical data sets; audiovisual materials; newsletters; teaching aids; and training materials.

Bibliographic Database of AoA-Funded R&D Products and Other Aging-Related Products

CCCS maintains a searchable bibliographic database (http://www.aoa.gov/naic/bibinfo.HTM). The database cites and abstracts products such as policy papers, handbooks/manuals, brochures, research summaries, unpublished materials, and project reports as well as other aging-related materials in the collection.

Reading Room and Reference Collection

Open to the public, the CCCS reading room houses the repository of AoA-funded research products, a reference collection on aging issues, and periodicals. Information specialists are available to assist patrons with their information needs. To visit the CCCS Reading Room, please see address and telephone number listed below. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 1:00 p. m. to 4:00 p.m. In light of building security procedures, please notify CCCS in advance so that arrangements may be made to facilitate your visit.

Statistical Information

CCCS has also developed a number of data tables on subjects of major interest to the aging community.

Center for Communication and Consumer Services
Administration on Aging
330 Independence Avenue, SW - Room 4656 - Washington, DC 20201
Telephone: (202) 619 7501; Fax: (202) 401-7620;

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