Administration on Aging

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Census Bureau

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Service

Department of Housing & Urban Development

Department of Veterans Affairs

Employee Benefits Security Administration

Environmental Protection Agency

National Center for Health Statistics

National Institute on Aging

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation, HHS

Office of Management & Budget

Social Security Administration

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

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Agency Contacts

Agency Principal Member Alternate Principal Member Planning Committe Member
Administration for Community Living John Wren
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Disability and Aging Policy

Robert Hornyak
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Steven B. Cohen
Director, Center for Financing, Access, and Cost Trends
D.E.B. Potter
David Kashihara
Bureau of Labor Statistics Thomas Nardone
Assistant Commissioner for Current Employment Analysis
  Emy Sok
Census Bureau Enrique Lamas
Wan He
Samantha Cole
Amy Symens Smith
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Thomas Reilly
Acting Deputy Director, Office of Research, Development, and Information
  Jerry Riley
Department of Housing and Urban Development
  Meena Bavan
Department of Veterans Affairs Dat Tran
Director, National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics
Duane Flemming Lijia Guo
Employee Benefits Security Administration Joseph Piacentini
Director, Office of Policy and Research
Anja Decressin Daniel Puskin
Song Yi
Environmental Protection Agency   Kathy Sykes
National Center for Health Statistics Edward J. Sondik
Jennifer Madans
Associate Director for Science
Ellen Kramarow
Julie Dawson Weeks
National Institute on Aging Richard Suzman,
Director, Behavioral and Social Research Program
John Haaga
Deputy Director, Behavioral and Social Research Program
John Phillips
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (DHHS) Ruth E. Katz
Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy
William Marton
Rohini Khillan
Office of Management and Budget Katherine K. Wallman
Chief Statistician
  Jennifer Park
Social Security Administration Manuel de la Puente, Associate Commissioner, Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics
Susan Grad
Deputy Associate Commissioner
Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics
Howard Iams
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Daryl Kade
Associate Administrator
Office of Policy, Planning and Budget
Jennifer Solomon
currently acting principal member
Beth Han
Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics Traci Cook
Staff Director
VAH James Burris
  Jin Kim
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