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The sample size calculator is designed to assist users in determining the appropriate sample size given the population of service recipients. This will save users the time necessary to calculate a power analysis. The POMP data entry utilities are designed to assist the users in accurate and efficient data entry. The Toolkit contains a customized database built for each survey instrument. There is no need to code the closed-ended questions on the survey instruments. The data entry utilities have drop down menus with each response option listed with a pre-defined numerical code. This will save users a lot of time, especially when the sample sizes are large.

The website contains suggestions for performing analysis with users’ data. For instance, Chapter 8 of the Toolkit presents examples of how to analyze data. Additionally, Chapter 10 of the Toolkit presents a discussion of comparing data collected on the local level to national datasets, including the Surveys of Older Americans Act Participants. This type of comparison will help you understand how the service recipients in your area assess services compared to a national sample of service recipients.

Sample Size Calculator

POMP utilities include a sample size calculator and custom Access databases for entering survey data. The Sample Size Calculator is a downloadable executable file that assists users in calculating the appropriate sample size for a survey. The Sample Size Calculator contains a help page and instructions for using it are in the Toolkit. Chapter 6 of the Toolkit also contains a help page and instructions for using the Sample Size Calculator.

Data Entry Utilities

These utilities provide easy-to-use tools for converting paper survey responses to computer files for convenient storage and analysis in response to your information management and reporting needs.