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Game On! Join in the Fun, No Matter What Your Age

Exercise is more than just fun; it’s a great way to stay in shape and improve your quality of life. Gentle exercises can reduce the risk of falls and broken bones by improving your balance and strengthening your muscles without putting too much strain on your body. Plus, people who are physically fit tend to have more energy.

Eager to try a new exercise program? Here are a few ideas that may fit your lifestyle:

  • Tai chi is a group activity in which you move slowly and gently in unison. It improves your balance and strength.
  • Water aerobics is exactly what it sounds like. The gentle resistance added by the water in a pool intensifies this low-impact aerobic workout. And while you’re in the pool, you have a reduced risk of falling and hurting yourself.
  • Yoga uses stretching and breathing to relax the mind and body, and it’s very good for circulation.
  • Dancing improves balance and coordination. Plus, it’s a great creative outlet and way to meet new people.

Contact your local Area Agency on Aging to find exercise programs for older adults. Use the Eldercare Locator to find your nearest Area Agency on Aging or Senior Center.

For more information about the value of physical activity, please visit:

National Institutes of Health, Senior Health: Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults

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