Reporting Requirements for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

(Recovery Act, or ARRA)

AoA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)[*]


  1. What data is reported to and what data is reported to AoA?


Section 1512 of the Recovery Act requires that funding recipients report a series of data elements not later than 10 days after the end of each calendar quarter.  These data elements (referred to as “1512 data”) include project description, project completion status, and estimate of the number of jobs created or retained, among others.


The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has required that federal agencies also collect performance data from the recipients of Recovery Act funding on a quarterly basis.  AoA has asked SUAs that have received ARRA congregate and home-delivered meals funding to report the number of congregate and home-delivered meals served, the unduplicated count of people who have received these meals, and the amount of ARRA funds expended.  This ARRA performance data is due to AoA via the State Reporting Tool (SRT) not later than 10 days after the end of each calendar quarter. SF-269 Financial Status Reports for ARRA funding are due to AoA on 6/30/2010 and 12/31/2010. 


  1. Do I need a DUNS # and a CCR #? 


Prime recipients (SUAs) will need a DUNS # and a CCR #. Sub-recipients (AAAs, or providers in Single PSA states) that received more than $25,000 in Recovery Act funding will need a DUNS # (even if they have not been delegated reporting responsibility).  Further information on obtaining a CCR # is available at and on obtaining a DUNS # at


  1. For what period of time do I need to report?


1512 and ARRA performance data is reported cumulatively from the date of award through the end of each calendar quarter. 


  1. When can a SUA stop reporting?


A SUA can stop reporting the 1512 data to and the performance data to AoA once it has spent the Recovery Act funding.  Once a prime recipient spends the funding and checks “Y” in the “Final Report” 1512 data field, no more 1512 reports are required. A SUA can stop reporting performance data to AoA once the Recovery Act expenditure totals submitted in the quarterly performance reports (via the SRT web portal) equal the SUA’s award amounts for congregate and home-delivered meals.  The Annual SF-269 Financial Status Report for ARRA will still be due to AoA on 6/30/2010 and the Final SF-269 for ARRA will still be due to AoA on 12/31/2010. 


  1. Do SUAs need to submit separate 1512 reports to for congregate and home-delivered meals?


Yes, separate reports are required for each ARRA award.


  1. In our State the Governor’s Recovery Act Office is submitting the 1512 data reports to  What is the SUA’s responsibility?  Can the central reporting office also submit the ARRA performance data to AoA?


When a central state office is doing the 1512 reporting, the SUA is responsible for collecting and checking the quality of the prime and sub-recipient data elements and transmitting them to the central state office in timely manner.  The central state office cannot submit the quarterly ARRA performance reports to AoA.  The SUA will submit the performance data to AoA via the SRT Quarterly on-line submission process.


  1. Do SUAs report if they have not yet drawn down or spent any ARRA funds?


Since all SUAs have received ARRA awards, all must report 1512 data to and ARRA performance data to AoA.  If the SUA has not drawn down or spent any of the funds, it must report "0" for funds received/invoiced and expended to, and “0” meals served/people served/expenditures to AoA.


  1. Do meal providers need to report 1512 data to


It depends. Only prime recipients and those sub-recipients that have been delegated reporting responsibility by the prime recipient need to report 1512 data to  Meal providers in single PSA that receive ARRA funding directly from the SUA (and have been delegated reporting responsibility) will need to report.  Meal providers that received ARRA funding from AAAs will not need to report. 


  1. My SUA/AAA distributed its ARRA funding to vendors.  What do I need to report for them?


If a vendor receives $25,000 or more in Recovery Act funding from an SUA, then the SUA will need to report the amount the vendor received, a description of what was purchased, and the vendor’s DUNS # or name and zip code.  If a vendor receives $25,000 or more in Recovery Act funding from a AAA (or a provider in a Single PSA state) and the AAA has been delegated reporting responsibility, then the AAA will need to report the vendor DUNS # or name and zip code. Prime recipients and sub-recipients cannot delegate reporting responsibility to vendors.  See p. 7 in the OMB Recovery Act Guidance for the definition of a vendor.


  1. Congressional district is now a mandatory field for prime and sub-recipients. How should SUAs and AAAs complete this field since they span multiple congressional districts?


If the recipient’s primary place of performance spans more that one congressional district, the recipient should pick the district that covers their headquarters (i.e. the address identified by their DUNS number).  Single PSA states with one at-large representative (and thus no congressional districts) should report 00 for the congressional district.  Recipients located in territories without Congressional representatives should also report 00 for this field.


  1. Can I delegate reporting responsibility to some sub-recipients in my state and not to others?


No.  According to OMB, the prime recipient must delegate reporting to all sub-recipients or to none of them (not counting those that receive less than $25,000, which are reported by the prime recipient in the aggregate).


  1. Are Tribal organizations that received AoA ARRA funding required to submit 1512 reports?


No. According to OMB, prime recipients that received less than $25,000 in ARRA funding do not need to submit reports to


  1. Do we need to report names and total compensation of each of our five most highly compensated officers?


Only if in the preceding fiscal year you received 80 percent or more of your annual gross revenues from federal funding and $25 million or more in federal funding and the public does not already have access to the compensation information.


  1. What is the AoA Recovery Act Web Portal?


The Recovery Act – Stimulus community is part of AoA’s on-line data community web portal available at, where SUAs and AAAs/providers with delegated reporting responsibility can find reference and training materials, a discussion forum, and other information related to the ARRA reporting requirements.


  1. Who should I contact with additional questions about Recovery Act reporting?


For general questions about Recovery Act reporting or to join the AoA Recovery Act Web Portal, contact Brian Lutz at 202-357-3530 or  If you need help with registering at, submitting a report, reviewing a report, or other website functions, contact the Recovery Act Helpdesk at 877-508-7386 or


[*] These FAQs assume prior review of the OMB Recovery Act Guidance found at and the OMB Recovery Act FAQs found at