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Formula Grants - How to Submit a NEW State Plan or Amendment

Each year, AoA prepares and distributes Program Instructions (PIs) that serve as the primary guidance to State Agencies on Aging that administer Title III and Title VII grants and if applicable coordinate with Title VI programs. The PIs may be accessed from the link at the bottom of this page.

While Title III and Title VII grants do not require applications, they do require the submission and approval of a state plan. The plan can cover two, three or four years (maximum) and defines how the State will meet the particular needs of its aging population given its individual resources and priorities.

A tool to assist states with the development of state plans has been developed by the National Association of State Units on Aging (NASUA) and eight states that were recipients of demonstration funding through the AoA State Planning Grants Project.

The annual guidance (PI and attachments) contain the requirements to be followed by States in developing, submitting and securing approval for their new Plan. In addition, if the state is amending its Intrastate Funding Formula or any other major change to the plan, the PI also outlines the procedures and deadlines to be followed.


State plans should be submitted to the appropriate AoA Regional Office for initial review and feedback. The decision to approve or disapprove State Plans, however, rests with the Assistant Secretary for Aging.

State Plan Guidance Program Instructions (PIs) and Attachments

AoA Program Instructions to State contains most recent Program Instructions issued by the Administration on Aging to State and Area Agencies on Aging.