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Intergenerational Volunteering

Katie Chase and Family, Utah - "Passing the Passion to the Next Generation“

Image of Katie ChaseIn Spanish Fork, Utah, Katie Chase and her two and four year old toddlers deliver Meals-on-Wheels to homebound seniors. Lincoln and Scout learned to climb into the car, buckle their own car seats and take turns carrying the food basket into each house.

"My children don't have grandparents nearby, so I wanted them to learn the joy of interacting with seniors in our community." Katie also takes time to check to make sure seniors are safe and to have conversation with them as she delivers meals.

Submitted by Meals-on-Wheels, Mountainland Association of Governments, Utah County, Utah

Raul Castañeda, California – “Helping Students Succeed – Better Than Playing Bingo and Watching Television”

Image of Raul CastandeaRaul, a member of Experience Corps, recently won the California Senior Leader Award from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health. Experience Corps is a national non-profit program with 2,000 members aged 55 and over who tutor and mentor in 22 cities across the country, providing literacy coaching, homework help, consistent role models and committed, caring attention.

"Many seniors in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood have a lot of potential to do something for their community and yet they are not. The more mentally and physically active you are, the longer you live and the more fulfilled your life is.”

Submitted by Experience Corps, Washington, DC

Raymond Birt, Massachusetts – “Helping Students – More Than a Job”

Raymond, a member of Experience Corps, volunteers at an elementary school. He recently started looking for a job again. He was successful except the position required him to start sooner than he anticipated. This new twist effectively would require him to stop volunteering with Experience Corps Boston mid-year. He declined the position, saying he didn’t want to break his commitment to the children.

Submitted by Experience Corps, Washington, DC

Karen Siler, Massachusetts – “Sharing Friendship and Happy Memories”

Image of Karen SilerKaren manages a dental practice and in her free time volunteers with FriendshipWorks - a non profit organization that for over 25 years has been helping isolated elders and adults with disabilities living in Greater Boston.

Twelve years ago, Blanche, 95 was feeling lonely and in need of a friend. Karen never knew her grandparents and her family was spread out all across the country. She wanted a meaningful connection with someone close to home and was matched to visit Blanche for friendship and everyday assistance.

Twelve years later their bond has grown from friendship into something more like family, enjoying birthdays, trips and meals together. Blanche now lives in a nursing home but Karen continues to visit twice a week, bringing her husband on weekend. Karen also acts as a health care proxy for Blanche. The relationship is an inspiration to Karen and helps Blanche “through the dark spots.”

Submitted by Americorp VISTA