Lifespan Respite Care Program


Project Summary


Grantee Organization: †District of Columbia Office on Aging


State:† District of Columbia


Project Period: September 30, 2009 to September 29, 2012


Contact: Clarence Brown, Ph.D.,


Project Overview:

 The District of Columbia Office on Aging (DCOA) and the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) propose to establish a Lifespan Respite Care model in collaboration with several partners during the three year project period. The goal of the project is to establish and sustain the implementation and coordination of respite services for family caregivers of children and adults with disabilities.† The District has two respite care programs that serve foster parents and nine programs that render respite services to caregivers of adults.†

The projectís four primary objectives are: 1) to enhance respite services available to families across age and disability spectrums by establishing the infrastructure for a lifespan respite system through recruitment and training; 2) to improve coordination and dissemination of service delivery between different programs to† optimize caregiver support; 3) to promote awareness of respite care programs; and 4) to conduct a needs assessment and advocate for services that are not† currently available.


Outcomes and Products:

The expected outcomes are: 1) to establish a quality Lifespan Respite Care Program infrastructure within DCOA/ADRC that will provide easily accessible and comprehensive delivery of respite services; 2) to increase family caregiversí awareness of and satisfaction from using respite services in the District; and 3) to create a sustainable Lifespan Respite Care Program infrastructure.†

DCOA/ADRC will produce the following products: 1) pre and post satisfaction questionnaire of informal caregivers; 2) a DC Lifespan Respite Care Website; 3) caregiver survival and therapeutic engagement kits for caregivers; 4) a plan for project sustainability; 5) project evaluation results; 6) a final report; 7) news articles; and 8) conference presentations and abstracts.