Lifespan Respite Care Program


Project Summary


Grantee Organization:  Connecticut Department of Social Services


State:  Connecticut


Project Period: September 30, 2009 to September 29, 2012


Contact: Cynthia Grant,


Project Overview:

The grantee, the Connecticut Department of Social Services supports this Lifespan Respite Care Program Grant in collaboration with the Connecticut Lifespan Respite Coalition (CLRC). The goal of the project is to expand the availability and accessibility of respite services. The approach is to promote the collaboration of providers, consumers and advocates to further develop the availability of respite services for caregivers of all persons across the lifespan. The objectives are: 1) to establish a database which will identify all respite services and funding sources in Connecticut; 2) to promote networking by establishing working relationships between CLRC and the Area Agencies on Aging and the Aging and Disability Resource Centers and with local service organizations in Connecticut; 3) to provide public awareness and resource information to caregivers and consumers; 4) to provide training options to caregivers and service organizations; and 5) to enable family caregivers to make informed decisions about respite care services.  


Outcomes and Products:

The expected outcomes of this project are: families and caregivers will have increased opportunity for choosing a respite provider; providers will demonstrate knowledgeable skills for providing specialized respite care for specific populations; and families will have more direct access to respite services. The products from this project will include a statewide regionalized database identifying respite provider agencies and organizations, eligibility requirements, and possible funding sources for persons requesting respite services; an expanded website; and a final report providing evaluation results and recommendations for continued implementation of the outcomes.