Lifespan Respite Care Program


Project Summary


Grantee Organization:  Alabama Department of Senior Services


State:  Alabama


Project Period: September 30, 2009 to September 29, 2012


Contact: Julie Miller,


Project Overview:

The Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS), in partnership with Alabama Lifespan Respite Resource Network (Alabama Respite), a project of United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville and Tennessee Valley, Inc. (UCP), the Alabama Respite Coalition (Coalition), and the Alabama Disability Resource Centers (ADRC), proposes to expand lifespan respite in Alabama.  The primary goal of this project is to provide a statewide, comprehensive, and coordinated approach to meet the respite care needs of Alabama family caregivers of individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions regardless of age, income, race, ethnicity, special needs, or situation


To accomplish this goal, the project will address the following objectives: 1) conduct a respite awareness public education campaign statewide for caregivers, agencies, and the general public; 2) explore new local and state grant possibilities, grant collaboration between partners, and resource development for gap populations to increase respite services;  3) enhance the capacity of the Alabama Respite; 4) identify all agencies and resources currently providing respite funding to link caregivers with these resources and support services; 5) identify all caregiver training programs and link caregivers to these resources; 6)  expand training and capacity of the ADRC staff and the statewide virtual ADRC to include lifespan respite resources; and 7) work collaboratively with all Coalition partners to recruit and train respite care workers and volunteers. 


Outcomes and Products:

Anticipated outcomes include (but are not limited to): Coalition participation in the development of an Alabama strategic lifespan respite plan; establishment of a committee to investigate the structure of Alabama Respite; a public awareness and education campaign to foster better understanding of Alabama Respite’s mission and vision; increased respite options; increased volunteer, faith-based respite services, and “Sharing the Care” concept; and respite care will be provides to caregivers of all ages using a variety of existing funding sources.

Products resulting from this project will include lessons learned, development of marketing and respite training materials, and ADRC Lifespan Respite website collaboration.