Local Service Provider Study:

The Administration on Aging collects annual program data at the state level and has sponsored studies to collect information regarding the Area Agencies on Aging.  The third component of the Aging Network that administers and implements OAA programs, the Local Service Providers are poorly understood and characterized. 

This study is design to better understand the relationship between the Area Agencies on Aging and the Local Service Providers with whom they work to provide OAA programs to seniors.  This data collection focuses on two areas:  an investigation of the feasibility of compiling a national inventory of aging services providers; and an investigation to characterize local service providers and examine how Area Agencies on Aging work with their providers to achieve program goals.  

Westat was awarded a contract to work with AoA to design and implement the study which will produce case studies from 10 states based on interviews with three AAAs in each state and focus groups with local service providers.