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International & National Principles, Rights and Responsibilities of Older Persons

Proclamation of Senior Citizens Rights of the International Senior Citizens Association


The Executive Board of the International Senior Citizens' Association, the oldest international grouping of elderly persons developed the following Proclamation of Senior Citizens Rights in 1974. For further information, contact:
International Senior Citizens Association
1102 S. Crenshaw Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019-3198


1) Old people are entitled to physical existence and welfare, namely:
a) Physical security and safety in war and peace, notably in times of social and natural disasters;

b) Conservation of their health through measures, aid and installations for nursing, hygiene and geriatric help;

c) A natural way of life and the chance to maintain contact with nature.

2) Old people have the right to economic existence and welfare, namely:

a) To provide for an old age standard of living that is well over the minimum needed for bare existence, one that enables them to participate in social and cultural life;

b) Dignified housing that is adequate for their age requirements;

c) An opportunity of productive work and useful occupation.

3) Old people have the right to social existence, namely:

a) To associate with their equals to avoid loneliness;

b) To heedful contacts with other layers of human society, so considerate deals by public authorities, without discrimination of race, social class, religion or creed, or because of their physical or mental condition;

c) To effective political representation, and an opportunity to cooperate with democratic institutions and legislation.

4) Old people have the right to cultural existence, namely:
a) To participate in the enjoyment of cultural productions, and to have an opportunity to educate themselves;

b) To have access to news services and information;

c) To have the opportunity of creative cultural activity, and to the dissemination of their own experience and ability.

5) Old people have the right of themselves, namely;
a) Freedom from constraint to physical or mental work and production ;

b) To their own free opinion and the expression of it;

c) To their own philosophy and innermost spiritual activity.