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DSMT Toolkit

Chapter 27: Sample AADE Application

Standard 4

A coordinator will be designated to oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of diabetes self-management education. The coordinator will have academic or experiential preparation in chronic disease care and education, and in program management.

Essential Elements Checklist:

  • Coordinator’s resume reflects academic, continuing education and/or experiential preparation
  • Position description describes program oversight by coordinator

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Job Description

TITLE: DSME/T Program Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Program Director (manager, administrator, CEO, etc.)

SUPERVISES: DSME/T program staff (primary qualified instructors, group leaders)

POSITION OVERVIEW: Provides oversight for planning, implementation and evaluation of the DSME/T program and ensures the systematic and coordinated delivery of diabetes educational services.


  • Provides direction for the selection, and ongoing review, of the curriculum and educational materials to ensure they meet the needs of the population targeted.
  • Directs marketing activities.
  • Develops and directs the implementation of an annual program evaluation plan and performance improvement activities, including CQI projects.
  • Ensures that DSME/T program accreditation requirements are met and maintained.
  • Oversees the diabetes educational process and ensures that services are provided in an individualized and fiscally feasible manner.
  • Develops and maintains relationships and partnerships with community groups, payers and potential referral sources.
  • Interfaces with the Volunteer Accreditation Advisory Group.
  • Maintain 15 hours of continuing education annually as it relates to the profession.


  • Knowledge about chronic disease management and disease self-management educational processes
  • Supervisory abilities
  • Knowledge about program management
  • Proficient in various computer applications, including spreadsheets
  • Marketing skills


  • Education and/or experience in program management
  • Education in, and/or experience with, chronic diseases and disease self-management

< Insert Primary Coordinator resume here >

< Insert copy of license of program coordinator here (if applicable) >

< Insert copies of any pertinent training for the program coordinator here >

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