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Administration on Aging (AoA)

A Profile of Older Americans: 2011

Racial and Ethnic Composition

In 2010, 20.0% of persons 65+ were minorities--8.4% were African-Americans.** Persons of Hispanic origin (who may be of any race) represented 6.9% of the older population. About 3.5% were Asian or Pacific Islander,** and less than 1% were American Indian or Native Alaskan.** In addition, 0.8% of persons 65+ identified themselves as being of two or more races.

Only 7.2% of all the people who were minority race or of Hispanic ethnicity were 65+ in 2010 (8.9% of African-Americans,** 5.5% of Hispanics, 9.4% of Asians and Pacific Islanders,** 8.0% of American Indians and Native Alaskans,**), compared with 16.3% of non-Hispanic whites.**

(Data for this section were compiled from Internet releases of the 2010 Decennial Census).

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Last Modified: 8/25/2014